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BudsuVet Bolus & Injection

BudsuVet is a very effective Analgesic, Antipyretic & Anti-inflammatory. BudsuVet is absorbed fast and ensures rapid action; therefore, it is a first drug of choice as analgesic

Composition :

Each uncoated bolus contains:

Piroxicam IP 200mg
Paracetamol IP 3250 mg
Excipients q.s.


Each ml Contains

Piroxicam IP 20mg
Paracetamol IP 150 mg
Benzyle Alcohal (as preservative) IP 85.20mg
Water for injection IP q.s


As a Supportive Therapy with Antibiotic in Fever Condition

Etiological or Non-Etiological Fever, Pain & Inflammation

Post-operative or traumatic pain & fever

Acute or Chronic Pain, Acute musculo-skeletal disorder, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis





Dosage of Bolus

Large Animals: - 1 bolus for 3-5 days

Small Animals: - 1/4 bolus Per 100 Kg. Body Weight twice a day for 3-5 days

Dosage of Injection

Large Animals: 20-30ml IM Route

Small Animals: - 1ml Per 15kg body wt. IM Route for 3-5 days

Packing of Bolus: Box of 10 Strips of 4 Bolus

Packing of Injection: Box of 6 vials of 30ml & 100 ml

For the use of only Registered Veterinary Practitioner or a Hospital or Laboratory