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DUDH EX Bolus & Suspension

Dudh Ex is an Animal Feed Supplement that helps in letting down of milk and increase milk production. Dudh Ex is a non- hormonal composition with herbs, Vitamins and Minerals. Dudh Ex lowers the stress level and enhances Mammogenic & Galactogogue activities in udder thus improves milk letdown.


Each Bolus / 50ml Suspension Contains:

Chandrasur 500 mg Jivanti 1750 mg
Nagarmotha 500 mg Calcium 1000 mg
Kalonji 500 mg Phosphorous 750 mg
Vidarikand 500 mg Vitamin A 8000 IU
Jatamansi 750 mg Vitamin D3 1000 IU
Shatavari 1000 mg Vitamin E 50 mg
Aqueous Base q.s. Carbohydrate (Energy) 12500 mg

NOTE- Carbohydrates are added only in Dudh Ex Suspension form.


Prevents Stress & Irritation

Helps in let-down of milk

Increases milk productivity

Develops healthy tissues of mammary gland

Acts as a Nervine Tonic


Large Animals: - One bolus or 50 ml suspension twice a day one hour before milching for 10-12 days.

Small Animals: - 1/4 bolus Per 100 kg. body wt. twice a day one hour before milching for 10-12 days


Box of 10 Strips of 4 Bolus
Bottle of 1200 ml Suspension
Container of 5 Ltr. Suspension