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Rakthromb Bolus & Injection

Rakthromb is a Haemostatic & Anti-Fibrinolytic that effectively controls excessive bleeding conditions.


Each uncoated bolus contains:

Tranexamic Acid I.P. 2500 mg
Mefenamic Acid I.P. 1250 mg
Excipients q.s.


Each ml Contains:

Tranexamic Acid I.P. 100 mg
Water for Injection I.P. q.s.


Post-Partum Haemorrhage

During Accidental Cases

Improper Dehorning

Improper Handling of ROP Cases

During Surgery & Post Surgery


After Dystocia


Dosage of Bolus

Large Animals: 1 Bolus twice a day as per condition

Small Animals: 1/4 Bolus per 100 kg body weight twice a day as per condition

Dosage of Injection

5-10 mg per kg body weight twice a day as per condition by IM/ slow IV route 30 ml for 400 kg body weight

Packing of Bolus: Box of 5 Strips of 2 Bolus

Packing of Injection: Box of 6 vials of 30 ml

For the use of only Registered Veterinary Practitioner or a Hospital or Laboratory