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U-TONE-IU Solution

U-Tone-IU solution liquid is a broad spectrum anti-infective useful for treatment of metritis, endometritis & pyometra and ensures better reproductive performance in ruminants. U-Tone IU liquid is highly effective on wide variety of Bacteria, Protozoa and anaerobic microbes.


Each ml Contains

Povidone Iodine (Available lodine 0.5% w/v) I.P. 5% w/v
Metronidazole Aqueous Base I.P. 1% w/v


Metritis, Endometritis, Pyometra

Genital Tract Infections

Delayed Uterine Involution

Infertility due to infection

Repeat breeding

Dosage: 60 ml into Uterus for 3-5 days

Packing: 60 ml Bottle

For the use of only Registered Veterinary Practitioner or a Hospital or Laboratory