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Niltik Soap

Niltik Soap is a Potent Ectoparasiticide with potent antifungal enriched with skin coat conditioner. Niltik is a Grade-1 Category Soap with 76% TFM


Amitraz 1.0% w/w
Ketoconazole I.P. 1.0% w/w
Vitamin E 0.5% w/w
Soap Noodles q.s.

Indications in Large Animals:-

Kills all types of ectoparasites like- Ticks, mange mites, lice & keds.

Treats fungal infections

Helps in Healing of dry, flaky skin, skin rashes

Dermatophytosis, itching & eczema

For Dogs:-

For prevention and treatment of dermatitis caused by Demodex & Sarcoptes mange mites.

Also effective in cutaneous fungi & ticks infestation

Seborrheic dermatitis (Dandruff)

Direction For Use

For Best results wet the body parts of animal with warm water. Apply Niltik soap to make rich lather & leave for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water or as directed by Veterinarian.


75 gm Soap