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GARBHOV Vet. Bolus

Garbhov Bolus is a combination of Natural Nutrients (Herbs) with Vitamins & Minerals which helps in inducing heat, regulating oestrus cycle to stimulate and regulate ovarian function


Each Uncoated Bolus Contains:

Kalonji 900 mg
Ghee Kwar 600 mg
Indrayan 1200 mg
Nakuli 1200 mg
Heerabol 400 mg
Harmal 300 mg
Vitamin A 8000 IU
Vitamin E 100 mg
Selenium 01 mg
Copper 80 mg
Cobalt 40 mg
Iron 80 mg
Iodine 40 mg
Calcium 200 mg
Phosphorus 100 mg


Develops and ensures healthy reproductive organs

Strengthens and activates ovaries to produce reproductive hormones

Maintains Hormonal Balance

Helps to Induce Oestrus & release ova

Regulates Oestrus cycle

Improves Uterine secretion and contraction

Prevents degenerative changes in reproductive organs


Cattle /Buffalo – 1 Bolus daily for 8 to 16 days

Sheep/Goat – 1/4 Bolus Per 100 Kg. Body Weight for 8 to 16 days

Administration Orally

Packing Box of 5 Strips of 8 Bolus