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PLUTUNE Bolus & Suspension

Plutune is an Animal Feed Supplement with Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Nutrients (Herbs) useful in expulsion of retained placenta, cleansing of uterus & involution of uterus. Plutune suspension is unique 2 in 1 combination product & is available in banana flavour.

Plutune optimizes uterine contraction for complete expulsion of Placenta, prevents Metritis, Endometritis and Pyometra, strengthens and tones up the Uterus, prevents zygote mortality, ensures complete involution of Uterus & prevents chances of milk fever


Each uncoated bolus / 50 ml suspension contains:

Dasmool 450mg Bhardwaji 300mg
Manjeeth 450mg Nagarmotha 300mg
Mandook Parni 450mg Jatamansi 300mg
Kala Jeeri 450mg Calcium 600mg
Asoka 300mg Phosphorous 300mg
Pipplamool 300mg Vitamin A 2000 IU
Indrajo 300mg Vitamin D3 3000 IU
Methi 300mg Vitamin E 50mg
Kalonji 300mg Carbohydrate (Energy) 7500 mg

NOTE: Carbohydrates are added only in Plutune Suspension form

Useful For

Removal of Placenta

Prevention of Retention of Placenta

Complete cleansing of Uterus

Timely involution of Uterus

Timely onset of Estrus cycle

Optimizing Milk production and peak milk production

Prevention of Hypocalcaemia/Milk fever condition


1st and 2nd day- 3 Bolus or 150 ml susp. Morning & Evening time Orally

3rd, 4th and 5th day 2 Bolus or 100 ml susp. Morning & Evening time Orally

Packing of Bolus: Box of 1x2x12 Bolus

Packing of Suspension: Bottle of 1200 ml Suspension