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Zerow- L.F. Bolus & Suspension

Zerow L.F. is a broad spectrum anthelmintic that eradicates mixed worm infestation of round worms, tape worms & liver flukes


Each uncoated bolus contains

Oxyclozanide I.P. 4.50 gm
Albendazole I.P. 3.0 gm
Excipients q.s.


Each ml Contains

Oxyclozanide I.P. 6% w/v
Albendazole I.P. 4% w/v
Excipients q.s.


Mature and Immature Liver Flukes

Tape worms

Round worms

Mature and Immature Amphistomes & Para-amphistomes (Rumen Flukes)

Dosage of Bolus

Large Animals- 1 Bolus Per 400 Kg. Body Weight.

Small Animals- 1/4 Bolus Per 100 Kg. Body Weight.

Dosage of Suspension

25 ml/100 kg body weight.

(Special :18.7 mg of oxyclozanide per kg body weight

For Para - Amphistomiasis, repeat same dosage after 3 days)

Packing of Bolus Box of 10 Strips of 1 Bolus

Packingn of Suspension Bottle of 100 ml suspension