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About Us

Who we are

Sushima Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and well established from 1998 and based at Ghaziabad.

In our range, we have antibiotics (inj. & bolus form), multivitamin injection and some other products having combinations of vitamins, herbs & minerals having different formulations. We supply our products in market under the brand name "SUSHIMA".

We are successfully growing under the leadership of Managing Director, Mr. Piyush Goel.

What we do

We hold a highly experienced, knowledgeable & development team who made efforts in changing the face of ingredients. After a deep work, the team wisely stablished convenient injectable form.

We always prefer eco friendly process which helps to make environment smile also, good for life.

The test & trials are conducted over a span of last 2 decades at multiple sites in have become a brand of choice & trust among veterinary fraternity in india.

Company history

Sushima pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. came in to existence in 1998 in uttar Pradesh with only five veterinary sales representive and two leading products "SPASDIC & VETCIP" from its corporate office in Ghaziabad.

After getting encouraging response from customers and our Veterinarians we never look behind and consolidated our market share area by area – state by state.


Sushima pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. also have its own lab "SUSHIMA LABORATORIES" established in 2007 in "SIIDCUL" Pantnagar, Uttrakhand following the manufacturing system that is internationally standardized with ISO 9001;2008 ISO 14002;2004
This provides us trust and satisfaction to our customers, that is why we are still in process to improve the quality of our system.

Our culture

Sushima had very wide field force that works together in different states of india. Sushima never leave the candidate or, its members behind & step together with each members to achieve the goal.

"Sushima" provide motivational environment to the candidates and members by having regular training at frequent intervals. Candidates works with skillful managers make them secure and confident.